Why is this a thing?

I, Rae, realized something a while ago. Adventures are special to everyone. Where we go somehow becomes a part of us.

When I started going on adventures it was only something to do and maybe get a couple, cool pictures on the way. As I spent more time on the road, in the mountains, on a lake, etc. it came to me, that where I go speaks to me. Sometimes it's murmurings at the lake, "Just relax Rae. " and other times its view at the top of the mountain whispering, "Look at me, I'm so much bigger than you are." That is something I would like to share with all of you.

People these days see crazy adventures as something that will make themselves look "cool". I have been accused of such things in the past and also of "stealing spots". No one adventure spot belongs to someone. Yes, sometimes I as well feel butthurt when someone goes to a special spot but it's not mine. 

I am going to share my spots with all of you and give you a little inside scoop on them. I will also be sharing why that spot is special to me and how it spoke. It's up to you if you're just gonna use this as somewhere to find cool spots or if you'll decide to take the same position as me and let them speak to you.