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Brown's Point, Hewitt NJ

Brown's Point, Hewitt NJ

Greenwood lake is about 8 miles long and is located half in New Jersey and Half in New York. The lake area has been known as a resort type of region. It has been the home of vacations to Babe Ruth and the Jeter family. 

Brown’s point is a scenic park that sits on he edge of Greenwood Lake. The small park has a playground, picnic tables, woods, and a great view of Greenwood Lake. 

Brown’s point isn’t much of anything, but a good resting point with a  great view.If you are going to Clinton Road this location isn’t too far and a great location to eat some lunch or just to relax before heading back home. If you are there at the right time is is great spot to watch the sunset.

Parking Location: 41°09'10.7"22N74°20'52.0"22W

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