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Abandoned Freeway Warehouse Corporation Lot, Farmingdale NJ

Abandoned Freeway Warehouse Corporation Lot, Farmingdale NJ

My Experience:

My friend, Analis, and I were on our way home from a different adventure location when we spotted an empty lot with some overhang buildings. Intrigued, we quickly made an illegal UTurn to go check out this location. When we approached the lot, we saw what we love the most, a cut lock on the gate that said in big red letters, “No Trespassing.” When we were there, back in late 2017, there was a ton of garbage that people dumped illegally and a basketball hoop in the way back under the overhang; along with some bikes. One bike looked like someone just jumped off of it and ran, it wasn’t rusty or scavenged for parts, but the other bike was completely stripped down of parts and only the frame remained.

Since then I’ve been there several times for photo shoots, but not portrait shoots, car and motorcycle shoots with Ethanol Feed (instagram @ethanol.feed). Yet, those times the gate was locked shut, but the linked fencing was pulled back just enough for a motorcycle to fit threw. As I wandered around I found that the garbage was gone and in a dumpster on the property. Clearly, someone owns the property and is attempting to keep it clean and locked off from the rest of the world.

Spooky Vibes:

The first time I went to this empty lot in late 2017, something or someone really spooked me out. I wandered away from my friend, Analis, as I often do when adventuring, she was at the front of the property while I was near the back by the overhang. All of a sudden there were three big bangs coming from behind the back wall of the overhang building. The wind was not blowing and there was no one else with us. I could only explain this as someone lurking back there watching me move closer and did not want that to happen.

Also, the first time I went there, there were three dead deers right in a triangle. There were vouchers flying overhead waiting to us to leave so they could continue their feast. This was seemingly a sacrifice triangle of some type. This really scared me; it gave me a very spooky Marlboro Slaughterhouse vibe. I could be wrong about all of this, but it really did seem sketchy.


I am not sure what this place was before it was left to be abandoned. It is in a very commercial shipping area, as there is a shipping yard located right beside it. I believe this was also a shipping yard, where the trucks could park and the drivers could rest.


This is a fun place to visit and a great backdrop for photoshoots. Just be aware that it is private property and the cops drive by fairly frequently. I suggest parking in the neighboring shipping yard.

abandoned shipping lot.png
Eisenhower Interstate System Park, Basking Ridge NJ

Eisenhower Interstate System Park, Basking Ridge NJ

Wallkill Valley Rail Trail Bridge, New Paltz NY

Wallkill Valley Rail Trail Bridge, New Paltz NY