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Wallkill Valley Rail Trail Bridge, New Paltz NY

Wallkill Valley Rail Trail Bridge, New Paltz NY


Stretching 33 miles from Montgomery to Kingston, the Wallkill Valley Railroad operated from 1866 until its last regular freight run on December 31, 1977. 


Top of the Bridge: The top of the bridge is suspended over the Wallkill River. It is a great view upstream and downstream, and it's an considerably picturesque location. There are benches to pose on and you can even climb over the railing onto a small platform to make it look like you are sitting on the edge of nothing. 


Library: When I walked up on the top of the bridge there was this black box. As I turned to look I realized it was a refrigerator that said "Free Library" on it. I opened it and there was a few books and index cards ringed together that functioned as a sign out book. I thought this was so adorable as the benches on the bridge would serve for a great reading spot. 

Under the Bridge: As I approached under the bridge, to my left were two horses and a pony checking out what I was doing. Someone's property comes right up to the bridge. When I made it closer to the water, it got a little sketchy, as the drop to the water is steep and the water is deep. Just be careful under there. 

Parking Location: 41°46'37.5"N 74°05'24.8"W

More About the Location:

Now if you have seen the movie "A Quiet Place", you may have already recognized this bridge. And to the people who haven't, don't worry—this contains no spoilers (neither does the video). This very bridge was a filming location for the movie in one of the first scenes. I didn't even know until this guy asked if I knew that it was the location. I was in total shock; my boyfriend David and I stopped here on our way to work in New York. What are the odds that I stopped at a filming location for "A Quiet Place"?

My Take:

Overall, this adventure location was amazing; the random stop was definitely worth it. I encourage you all to have your eyes open for new locations at all times. Never be afraid to just stop the car, get out, and look.

If you have a location you think is worthy of having its own post, feel free to send it to me (information below for DM and email). You will receive recognition at the end of the blog and a shout-out on my Instagram. 

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