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Big Brook Park, Marlboro NJ

Big Brook Park, Marlboro NJ


The land was originally 432 acres of farm land designated for the patients at the Marlboro Psychiatric Hospital. This means that it once contained a piggery, dairy farm and other agricultural operations. The Park System purchased this property from the state in 1997, around the time the hospital closed.

Big Brook was once the home to many summer camps and general county outdoor activities.


Meadow: This meadow could be considered not even apart of the park; it is almost apart of the dirt parking lot. With the right angles, this meadow is a great picture spot and it can appear to be in the middle of nowhere. My boyfriend, David, has taken pictures of cars in the meadow, with the right angles it looks like you're deep into the wilderness. 

Pond: The pond is an excellent spot for fishing. I grew up fishing all the time while my boyfriend David didn't. I decided to take him to this pond just to fool around and get the hang of it. Well, we were in for a great surprise. Every time you put your line in the water, you will 100% come up with a fish. Now, the fish size is not very rewarding because it is primarily sun fish, but it is a fun pond to just fool around in. Just be sure to have your fishing license on you.


Triangle Building: The triangle building has always been a mystery to me. It is a very iconic feature of Big Brook, yet no one is sure why it's there. It seems to be just a storage or electrical shed, but why is it a giant triangle? This strange building is a good spot for unique pictures. 

Roof Top Building: This building has a very special place in my heart. I have gone there for many sunsets throughout high school both with friends or alone. It is also where my boyfriend, David, and I went the day before we started dating. This building is great for sunsets due to it having a roof that you can climb up from the back and its wide open view of Marlboro. Now there still are county park rangers that patrol the property and will probably tell you to get off, but I have only been caught once.  

Swimming Pool: The swimming pool hasn't been used in many years and should not be messed with. A couple people I know hopped the fence to wander around in the pool area. This is not exactly legal, and I wouldn't do it myself because of the county park rangers that patrol the property. In 2018, the outdoor pool is to be renovated. Once the work is complete in mid-summer, the pool will be available for use by Park System summer camps. So, not that I am suggesting anything, but if you really want to check it out, I would advise you to go before the summer. 

Parking Location: 40°20'05.5"N 74°14'06.5"W

General Warnings:

As previously mentioned, there are county park rangers patrolling the property. Now I wouldn't do some crazy stuff that is obviously illegal, but I have never been afraid of pushing limits there because I have only seen maybe three rangers there. 

The park is only open from dawn to dusk. I have gone there after dusk and not gotten into any trouble — except that one time. One time I was there with my boyfriend, David, and we were just chilling in the car by the meadow, simply watching the sunset. The sun had just set, and we were about to leave when two Marlboro cops showed up. They took our licenses, ran them through the system, and let us go. In my experiences any cops who find you in a park after dusk will run your license. So, be careful if you have anything on your license that may make them take you to the station or write you a fine. 

Marlboro cops do sit in that parking lot to catch speeders on Route 520, so just be wary if you are there or plan to go there after dusk. 

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