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Marconi Road Buildings, Wall NJ

Marconi Road Buildings, Wall NJ

The Story:

Down a gravel driveway gated off from the world, rests two vandalized buildings. The buildings hold a lot of character between the graffiti, smokey walls, and the missing roof from the raging fire that was set ablaze in the summer of 2013. The police investigated the fire but could not find the cause, and nothing has been looked into since. 

The property is pretty mysterious, as we don’t know what the two buildings were prior to the fire; I have searched far and wide for the answer and have had no luck. The building to the right is missing a roof and was seemingly one room with a small side room, most likely a bathroom, pantry, or closet. Then directly next to it is a small, thought to be, work shed. The main building has a giant ballroom or dining room, but once again, these are just my assumptions. As you walk through, you may notice that the second part of the main building consists of four rooms; three being small and the fourth contains the stairs to enter the upstairs space. The stairs aren’t complete, as they have been taken out or knocked down. There are many holes in the ceiling, or floor of upstairs, so don’t attempt to go up there. Something I found strange is that it is directly on the Shark River; was it a restaurant, or maybe an old house? I know that is wasn’t storage or a warehouse because it has so many windows. The windows are low and tall which is how most older homes are structured.

My Take:

As I’ve mentioned before, the property is a complete mystery to me. When I walk down that gravel driveway, off Marconi Road, I almost get a nostalgic feel, but I am not sure why. As I wonder through the buildings and property I feel as though I am going to walk around a corner and be spooked by something or someone; it is kinda nerve-racking, but I will always go back there. I love that every time I go back the art has changed (by art I mean graffiti). One of my friends actually did a pretty cool tag that was a promposal to my best friend (sounds lame but it was done really well), but sadly it is covered up by more graffiti now. I have only good memories from this spot and I hope you will too.


The parking is a bit weird at this location, as you can’t drive down the gravel driveway to the property. I have always parked at the local dog park just down the street and walked down the driveway, and I suggest that you do the same. There is an empty dirt lot directly across from the driveway but I DO NOT suggest parking there, as it tips off cops that you’re down there. It is less suspicious to park at the dog park. I have never had a run in with cops on this property, so you should be alright, but use caution.

All locations mapped: ENTER AT YOUR OWN RISK. There are no "No Trespassing Signs" or "State Property Signs", but it is private property.

marconi road.jpg

Building Location: 40°11'16.4"N 74°03'30.4"W   

Parking Location: 40°11'21.7"N 74°03'37.1"W    

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