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Marlboro Airport, Marlboro NJ

Marlboro Airport, Marlboro NJ

The History:

Yes, Marlboro did indeed have an airport, Preston Airfield, it opened in 1954 and was in operation for almost 50 years. The airport was opened by Rhea Preston on his farm and eventually had two runways. At one point the airport had approximately 100 planes. Exact records are not known as to when its name changed to Marlboro Airport.

On October 12 in 1997, there was a fatal crash, the plane took off from Marlboro Airport at 10:40 A.M., in clear weather. The plane made a low climb, went into a descending turn and crashed a half-mile from the single-runway airport. The plane's engine was running when it crashed and the cause of the sudden descent was under investigation. The plane hit the ground and burst into flames in a steep, wooded gully about 50 yards behind 2 Brandywine Road.

In 2000, the airport was purchased by Marlboro Holdings LLC owned by Anthony Spalliero who closed it with the intent to redevelop the airport into housing. Part of the airport has now been developed into Marlboro Memorial Cemetery which now borders the abandoned airfield.

My Take:

The wooden hangers that once stood on the airfield no longer do; they were demolished shortly after the airport closing. This as I'm sure may be a bummer for a few of you looking for abandoned buildings, but the airstrip is great for photoshoots, biking riding, picnicking, and a wonderful spot to watch the sun rise or set; I would also say it is a good spot for star gazing but there is a little too much light pollution. If you're planning on taking instagram worthy pictures i suggest bringing props; such as a bike, skateboard, a blanket, or even an antique chair. I like to think of the abandoned air strip as a blank canvas for your own creative twist on pictures. Most abandoned places give off a creepy, heebie-jeebie vibe, but the airport strip doesn't. Every time I've went, even when the greenery is brown and dead, I get a happy go lucky energy from it. I feel almost as the strip is more happy just sitting there and providing somewhere for good memories than to serve as a working air strip. 

Parking Location: 40°21'57.5"N 74°15'02.3"W

Now I am not going to upload a map for this spot because it is pretty self explanatory, but also I want you all to experience some exploring of your own.

P.S. All of the Marlboro Airport property it LEGAL for all types of pedestrian activities, but not motorized vehicles. 

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